Black screen

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People use a black screen for:

to make second monitor dark without turning it off

Quickly make second monitor dark without turning it off when playin some atmospheric game or watching some movie that turned out to be worth of doing so

to save electricity

Trying to save electricity, reduce carbon emission.

to hide fact computer is active

To put on my 4 monitors when I go to sleep, instead of putting them to sleep.

to clean monitor

Easier to see spots when I'm wiping off my screen

to make a dark background

Background for a game. Screen is too big, 3440x1440. Don't like to play it that big, so i do 2560x1440. Need black bezels at both sides.

Black screen for cleaning

black screen for monitor cleaning

black screen to find dead pixels

black screen to find dirty spots

Black color online

blank computer screen

total black screen

full black screen


black screen for projector

black screen for kids

black fullscreen background

Why do you use a black screen?
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