Green screen

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People use green screen for:

to photoshop

Photoshop myself in my room so when i take it down and im still in my room people are like oh wow for a few seconds which makes me happy because am in a way the wow factor of those few seconds of their lives.

to relax

In a class room situation, while pausing computer work and listening to others. Green, because it is the most relaxing of the colours. It is just a silent, motionless green colour, the colour of trees and grass. Thanks to it, the screen emits some green, relaxing light during computer work pauses.

for online calls

For adding a green glow during meeting.

Green screen for cleaning

green screen for monitor cleaning

green screen to find dead pixels

green screen to find dirty spots

Green light online

green light for video calls

green screen lighting

green color light

green light for selfie

green led lights online


green screen for projector

green screen for kids

green fullscreen background

🟢 Why do you use a green screen?
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