White screen

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White screen video

People use white screen for:

white screen to copy drawings

I needed to have something bright under a paper, so i could redraw a image easier.

white screen as a light source

Lighting up the back of a lightbox for product photography

white screen to check monitor

Check your monitor and find dead pixels.

white screen to blank screen

Don't want to be distrupted? Want to take a brake? Use a white screen to blank your screen.

white screen as a light to read

To get a source of light and be able to read books when it’s dark in the room and the light switch is too far away.

white screen as a light to makeup

As a bright light source for doing makeup or taking pictures

white screen to clean monitor

Silly, but I use it for monitor cleaning. It makes things on the screen obvious. :) I also use it to validate plain colour reproduction for different monitors, but that only comes up rarely and I'm not looking for professional colour grading.

white screen to look for dust

Consistent backdrop to clean my monitor on, and also to check for dead/stuck pixels. Also sometimes for lighting my face when I'm using a webcam.

white screen to catch flies

I was catching little flies as they were attracted to white screen on my display

white screen to make a flipbook

I'm working on a animated sequence, and i'm doing it the traditional way (by hand), so i need a white surface with light that allows me to put one piece of paper over another and be able to see both, so since i don't have a professional screen for this, i'm using my computer and putting the white screen on it so i don't touch anything by mistake

white screen to focus yourself

While studying, I use 2 screens, one with a timer and one to search whatever I need on the internet. When I am not searching, I put the white screen so I don't get distracted with anything on the computer

white screen to configure your monitor settings

Useful when adjusting settings in my secondary monitor (since it's quite old it doesn't just set stuff how it should be by default). Settings like vertical/horizontal position and vertical/horizontal scale. Also useful when searching for dead pixels.

white screen to draw at night

If I'm drawing on paper, I can put paper on top of my display drawing tablet and see what I'm drawing at night

White Screen for Lighting

Turn your display into a simple and efficient light source with our white screen tool. Perfect for video calls or photography where extra lighting is needed.

White Screen for Visual Purity

Experience a pure, clean and soothing visual environment using our full-screen white display. Ideal for relaxing, meditating or focusing on tasks without visual distractions.

White Screen for Design Work

Utilize our white screen tool as a blank canvas for design, drawing or any creative activities. A blank white screen allows your creativity to flow unimpeded.

White screen for cleaning

white screen for monitor cleaning

white screen to find dead pixels

white screen to find dirty spots

White light online

white light for reading

white light for video calls

white color light

white screen/light for selfie

white led lights online


white screen for projector

white screen for kids

white fullscreen background

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