Red screen

red color image background
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People use red screen for:

to make tiktoks

Because I have blue LED lights on and it matches perfectly making my face or a part of my face red and leaving the blue lights behind me. I liked the red screen tbh, it's cool to make tiktoks or like photos and edit them to make them look professional.

for online calls

For colorcast correction when using Google Meets.

to preserve night vision

Not hard on the eyes, especially when coming out of a dark area

to read book

To read a book with less blue light.

to fix projector

it helps fix a projectors keystone

to prank

To prank my friends and say I have L.E.D's.

Red screen for cleaning

red screen for monitor cleaning

red screen to find dead pixels

red screen to find dirty spots

Red light online

red color light

red light for selfie

red led lights online


red screen for projector

red screen for kids

red fullscreen background

🔴 Why do you use a red screen?
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